Thank you for support to those of you who emailed / We Must Strengthen the Iraqi Internet and Iraqi Blog Voice!

I'm going to be busy these next month or two, but I'll try to keep things going as much as I can. I want to write-up a proposition directed to all Iraqis and Iraqi Bloggers both inside and outside Iraq, which I believe will make our voices heard louder and clearer across the world. I hope to have this document up by the end of the weekend.

The Iraqi blogosphere and Iraqi e-Culture and e-Network needs to be strengthened. It can do this by itself, I know. And it can be done with such gracious efforts of our friend Emigre at Iraq Blog Count. But Iraqi Bloggers and all Iraqis that have access to a computer need to spread the word, link to through emails, and let others hear our voice. There are many both creative and obvious ways to acheive this that have yet to be done. We must continue creating while going ahead and DOING the obvious ones.

It is a crucial time and it is crucial that our voices be heard during this time...in ALL the diversity of our opinions.

So I'll have that proposition on the blog with clear and concrete things each Iraqi and Iraqi blogger (both inside and outside Iraq) could do if they want to and have the time. NOTE: some of these things take only 10-20 seconds. In fact, I'll probably list the items in terms of the estimated time that would be consumed in order to complete each task.

Meanwhile, my father and I are fine. We had a good talk and things are fine. We both just had a long day and expressed ourselves in out-of-ordinary ways. It was a very strange incident and we both regret it happened. (But I was right on certain points. haha) So, everything's fine.

I am encouraged to continue this project and the Agora. The I-Agora will take some time, though. So please be patient with us administrators. And keep the emails coming! Any and all suggestions are very appreciated.



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