It is impossible to prove a negative.

When Tenet says this..."When the facts on Iraq are all in, we will be neither completely right nor completely wrong." You know that the bases for going to war rested upon the fact that proponents of the Bush administration were trying to prove a negative. Any half-witted person knows that this is an impossibility. So, if there were no WMD, like most intelligence sources were pointing out (both before during and after), then precisely what Tenet says above is their defense. A weak one, but a defense nonetheless. I have always found it disturbing, from the very first moment they've tried to prove a negative. (more on that later)
Administration's Message on Iraq Now Strikes Discordant Notes By DAVID E. SANGER
Also read Dr. Nicholas Kristof's Editorial in today's Times, Secret Obsessions at the Top

(((NOTE: Dr. Kristof's last article, Sex Lies and Bush Tapes addressed the fiscal irresponsibility of Bush and co. and is somewhat related to this post, while being enlightening in its own isolated regard.)))

Now, how pathetic. Are they finally giving up on proving a negative? Let's move forward already! But let's stop all this unnecessary lying and distorting right NOW. It seems as though this administration will not face the facts. Without politicians embracing fact and then applying their knowledge for just and fiscally responsible outcomes, there can be no such thing as a democracy. Instead, it's spinning and strategums and discursive language, soundbits for pacifying the public, fear-mongering through abstractions as the color coded terror alert system...and what emerges from this? I know America before 11 Sept. and I know it after...what seems to be emerging is this paranoiac, fear-riddled, dumbed-down, crypto-fascism that allows one to feel scared and safe at the same time. It's a schizy-state-of-affairs that has pushed the U.S. in the doldrums of decades past. America has not learned the lessons of Japanese internment camps, The Vietnam War, the Cambodia intervention/debacle, Central America interventions/debacles (like in Chile with the ousting of Salvador Allende and replacing him with a dictator Agosto Pinochet)...the list is long. But Vietnam resonates deeper than most of these lessons that seem to have been chosen to forget...or misremembered. I'd lke to get further into this, but I need to wake up early. Much peace! Salaam alekum!

ps. Sistani should not be messed with...whether this was some PR stunt or not...it is like playing with fire. Who did it? Did it happen?
it all reeks of political mischief if you ask me. esp. it coming hrs after the u.s. signaled that it would perhaps consider delaying the transfer of power if the UN were to insist upon it. There are so many political machinations taking place at the moment. I believe it will all make more sense in a day or a few days. But I'm afraid we only have a short time before steps can be made to ensure Iraqis a better future. While this seems to always be the case, I feel these are extemely critical weeks.

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Here's a link to the Iraqi Fundamental Law, Iraqi Interim Constitution, translated with commentary by Professor Nathan Brown at George Washington University.


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