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I was going to sleep...it is morning here, but I saw this and couldn't resist. I hope Professor Cole doesn't mind me putting this latest post of his up in it's entirety. It nails it right on the head. When I have more energy, I'll do the same in my own way. Even tho I feel like I have thus far, but there's still much to tell...

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Inquiry Must cover Cheney, Feith

The Bush Administration will probably attempt to dump all the blame for the WMD fiasco on the CIA. As many are saying, this move is highly ironic. Every evidence is that Doug Feith and his Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon made an end run around the CIA and the DIA, cherry-picked intelligence, and funneled it to Cheney, who then manipulated Bush with it. (W. admits to not reading the newspapers, so he is at the mercy of his close advisers for information, for all the world like an illiterate medieval king with crafty ministers!)

To make George Tenet take the fall for all this, when his analysts were relatively careful in their assessments, and to let Feith and Cheney off the hook, would be the height of injustice. Ironically, Feith leaked some of the most damaging evidence against him to the National Review, a listing of implausible cherry-picked reports about supposed Saddam-al-Qaeda links. If this is the sort of thing that was being given to Cheney and pressed on Bush, no wonder the administration made such faulty policy.
posted by Juan Cole at 2/3/2004 09:54:26 AM

here is a link to a Conversation with Joseph Joffe that I found thoroughly engaging. you might enjoy...real player required. Courtesy of the international studies dept. at UC-Berkley, their conversations with history series, Joffe"is a German journalist and prominent international relations scholar. Most recently he was foreign and editorial page editor for Suddeutsche Zeitung, one of Europe's most respected newspapers, and he has just been named the publisher designate of the German periodical, Die Zeit, in Hamburg. Mr. Joffe holds a Ph.D. in government from Harvard and he's taught at Harvard, Princeton, and most recently at Stanford. He has written numerous scholarly articles and chapters in books and is a regular contributor to journals like The National Interest and Foreign Affairs, among others. He is author of The Limited Partnership: Europe, the United States, and the Burdens of Alliance."


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