Ask WHY.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

-Sokrates (viaPlato)

I urge those reading to ask "WHY?" something is or is happening the way it is...do it more often.

America is an unreality. What does that mean? Ask me,"why?" And I'll tell you what I think.

Finding the cause behind negative events taking place should be first and foremost in the minds of those who have power. When they neglect this duty...this obligation, they neglect things that are most important for justice to become a reality. It is very clear what path we are on. It is very disturbing. So, I urge everybody to ask "WHY?" I know this smacks of idealism. But why not ask "why?"

Why is the sky blue?

Why is water wet?

Why does Iraq bleed?

Why do American working-class have to die?

Why don't they re-instate the draft and see if an honorable senator's son would go to war to fight for the freedom that seems to not spread beyond its borders?

And why does it seem that these borders not exist, lately? Why does it seem that there is not a democracy here in America? Could it be that the electoral college system is archaic and flawed, like the caucus system in Iowa that they incidentaly tried to pitch as a solution for Iraq? Oh, come ON! You have got to be kidding me.

(That was one of the most ridiculous ideas. It would be that part in Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring where you have the different races of people gathered together damning each other to have claim on the control of the one ring (i.e. the power). Do these people know anything about Iraq? WHY don't they??? It's a legitimate question! And this whole tri-umverate presidency will NOT work. I'm telling you...especially if it Lebanon-esque, one Sunni, one Shia, one Kurd? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? COME ON MR. PACHACHI, you know these people better than that...how could you even THINK to endorse something so stupid. There are no HOBBITS in Iraq. Anyway, we see what has happened to Lebanon. Case in point. If anybody would like me to elaborate, I'd be more than happy to.)

Ask "WHY?" and maybe those in the corridors of power will respond, maybe they won't. But at least you're asking...and that is a right of yours (most of you), if I remember correctly...WHY my father came here in the first place.

Search for the CAUSE of the problem...be a SCIENTIST, a DOCTOR, a SENTIENT BEING...in order to solve the problem, YOU HAVE TO FIND THE CAUSE. CONNECT THE DOTS. Personally, I'm a dot connector. It doesn't have to be a linear thing, though.

You see, I'm more quantum than newtonian...but if you're still stuck on newton or the cartesian system you'd still have to ask "WHY?" ......Right?

You don't have to have so-called 'save-the-world-syndrome' to understand WHY something is happening. I'm not claiming to have all or any of the answers, even. But asking that simple question would make the whole world much safer. Answering more truthfully is the tricky part. Because people want to trick you and take your livelyhood, dignity, and any sense of honor with the trick. Stop being fooled and ask why, pretty please.

I'll have many links up that answer some of the why soon. I'll answer "why the sky is blue?" first and go from there. We have got to start on some solid ground my friends.


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