welcome to my personal life

I just had a huge fight with my father. He is scared that because he has a son that seeks out the truth (or something near it), that this government's administration (the CIA the FBI the NSC, or whatever) will make him a victim of my exploits or discoveries.

I know who I am. And nobody, not even my father or the government in the US can take that away from me. I want peace. But we must have justice before we have peace.

He is afraid that if the Shia come to power that they will persecute Christians. I have hope...a hope that this will not happen, even tho I think civil war could be just around the corner. And I don't even think the persecution of Christians will even happen regardless. If the situation is handled properly...as it should be, this should absolutely not be the outcome. I know who the Iraqi people are.

First off, to the US Government and all related agencies...LEAVE MY FATHER ALONE. He's created more jobs than Bush in this country.

Let me have my identity as an Iraqi and as a global person...and that goes to the government and my father. Because I am Iraqi, whether either of you like it or not. This is what I have to deal with being on both sides of the fence. Being liminal...

I have somebody telling me to just let go...give up. And I have another group saying I am a bad person because I am Iraqi and I am suspect no matter what I do with my life.

I'm sick of all of you telling me how I have to feel about who I am.

Welcome to my personal life,



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