Awarding The Project of a New American Century for the magnificent successes: Khalilzad Appointed

Ya Zalamay, Shlon hal Zalmay?

Your latest dose of "Neocon Nepotism." Following the anointing of Bolton and Wolfowitz in freshly minted positions of great importance (envoy to UN and World Bank president), Zalmay Khalilzad is the next Neoconservative (is he a Neocon praktike?) from the Project for a New American Century appointed to a high-level position as US envoy to Iraq. (Bolton has yet to be approved, if I understand correctly, even though he believes "there is no United Nations.")

Shuffling around his loyal cohorts, Bush (or whomever is pulling the lever) appoints yet another person who signed the letter PNAC wrote to then President Bill Clinton in 1998 to attempt to scupper support for dethroning the evil formerly American-funded bastard Saddam Hussein.

Here is the letter. Click the image to get to the PNAC original. These boys are just too much!

Not to bode on the past. You know...it's just for the record. This letter was written 7 years ago, just in case you cannot see. Call me a cynic for mentioning it yet again.

On to more delightful topics...


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