Sunday Cyborg Blogging

Women are not the only ones that start wars...a male alcoholic liar provided the impetus for the most recent war on Iraq. His name was Curveball. And he was real close to Ahmed Chalabi. NO WAY!

He must have been greatly admired by the President and Vice President for his delusional thinking. Quite the man that Mr. Curve. He didn't quite make the curve, did he? You'll find him under some table drinking himself into a stupor while clamoring, "Saddam has these guns that look like porcupines, which inject meaning into life. He carries them around with him everywhere. He was a very suicidal man Saddam, so we had to take precautions, you know. Give me another double habibbi! Gjeass, you are very nice lady, thank you for your service honey...oh, I mean Dick." (I know this makes no sense...he was a drunk afterall.)

I could have told you this was going on years ago. Curveball would have still been this administration's "star witness" though. Drives me mad how these drunken war-mongering idiots were able to steer hundreds of thousands of people so blindly without proper preparation or adequete numbers. And I'm not even getting to the fact that it was an illegal war. And now look at the budding democracy in Iraq. Well done crooks. Enjoy the party because unless you're a cousin of Ahmed Chalabi, you can't get alcohol with little trouble. I doubt Curveball himself would be hangin in bars in Baghdad, though. It's unfortunate, because I'm sure he's a hoot. Oh but there's the Vilayet, excuse me, I mean Green Zone. Is that what they call those things these days

Between January 2000 and September 2001, Curveball offered 100 reports, among them the claims of mobile biological weapons labs that were central in the US evidence of an illicit weapons programme, but subsequently turned out to be trucks equipped with machinery to make helium for weather balloons.

The commission concluded that Curveball's information was worse than none at all. 'Worse than having no human sources,' it said, 'is being seduced by a human source who is telling lies.'

Oh anyhooo, I think the AI on this Cyborg source could have helped ol' Curve out. We should have at least employed him a couple to make him drinks while he worked on the plan to invade Iraq. Maybe that was it. He wasn't drunk enough! Has anybody every thought of that??? hmhmmhmm? hmmm??? I bet nobody has. See, so much could have been done differently.




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