I'm happy for the Kurds: al-Talabani, president... al-Jaafari, Prime Minister

No matter how I feel about the process, I am very happy for the Kurdish people. They deserve to be represented and never be taken advantage of by any leader again. They deserve to be leaders in all of Iraq. They are Iraq afterall. And one of my father's best friends in Iraq is Kurdish. He lives in France now. Long story.

One of the first reasons I started blogging was to address the issue of Kirkuk, though. It was my first post in fact. I've only occasionally gotten into the subject because it's tremendously difficult. I'm still very concerned about developments. I have family in Kirkuk, so there's direct reason I would like to see a just and peaceful solution there. And I hope the things Jalal Talabani said when sworn-in will all be true. There's some sketchy details we must pay close heed to in order to ensure peace.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari was selected to be the prime minister of the new interim government. I still have not gotten a grasp on him quite yet. Many people in Iraq don't know who he is even. Remember people voted for lists. What I've heard, when he's spoken, has sounded ok I suppose. I just have an uneasy feeling about Sharia law being implemented and the rights of women and minorities. But let's see how this goes. We'll get the idea somewhat quickly of how much of a change for the better will happen. Iraqis are tired of waiting for things to improve. Let's hope things get better.

For now, congratulations to Iraq and congratulations to the Kurdish people.

Peace to Iraq!



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