Rest in Peace, Pope John Paul II

Of course, I thought this photo was most poignant.

The caption reads: "Pope John Paul II talks with Turkish gunman Ahmet Ali Agca on December 27, 1983 in a cell of Rome's Rebibbia prison. Agca was convicted of shooting the Pope on May 13, 1981." Personally I see this image as an inspiration to people wishing to reconcile in any situation. This image gives me hope and makes me more sad. Because there are very few people in positions of power who are willing to do whatever it takes to reconcile.

It is also interesting to note Pope John Paul II signed an agreement with the PLO on February 15, 2000, whereby both the Vatican and the PLO view any unilateral decision affecting Jerusalem's special character as morally and legally unacceptable. I wonder what will happen to this agreement now.

Anyway, my thoughts are with the Pope and everybody that cares for him in this time. The world is in debt to his limitless grace.


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