Making money off of the Tsunami: Former NY Mayor Rudolph Guliani

I'm laying off the computer as of late, but I had to say something about this because I think it is perhaps one of the more dispicable things I've read about somebody. Yes, former Mayor of NY, Rudolph Guiliani made money off of the tsunami. 80,000 dollars to be exact.

What a prick. Need I say more? I'll just put a quote here to spark your interest further.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A state lawmaker wants former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to return the $100,000 fee he received to speak at a tsunami relief fund-raiser.

Giuliani donated $20,000 from the fee to the event's tsunami relief fund - twice the amount requested by the benefit's sponsor, the South Carolina Hospital Association, said Thornton Kirby, the group's president.

But Rep. Tracy Edge said the full fee should be returned because the Feb. 9 speech in Columbia was publicized as a charity event.

``Nowhere was it disclosed that Mayor Giuliani was being paid for his appearance,'' Edge said.


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