Ministry of Ministers

Over 30 posts were just preliminarily named. It is an incomplete list of 36 posts. So three months after the election, there is an incomplete list. Well done. At one point it appeared as though they had to have a vote on how to vote for the list of ministers. Thus many people in the National Assembly did not know the list of nominated Ministers yet. Then they read the names. You've got to be kidding me.

And Ahmed Chalabi is a Deputy...and Minister of Oil. (Maybe I mis-heard this?) This is hilarious. What a joke. Sorry, but this is going to be a joke of a government if this session is an indicator.

I suggest there be a Ministry of Ministers. Perhaps Sistani or the ghost of Nebuchadnezzar can be the Deputy Minister of the Minstry of Ministers.

Great, just great.

UPDATE: ten minutes later... They went ahead and actually voted for an incomplete list. 'Scuse me... huh??? I'm not quite sure I understand. But who understands most things that happen in Iraq? It seems the National Assembly didn't mind it, though: The vote was 180-5 ...isn't the National Assembly 275 people? Ok...I don't know what to say about this right now.


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