Who needs a government, when violence legislates?

I imagine sometimes this may be what the current American administration is thinking at the moment. Is it just my imagination, or may one deduce that the violence allows for the stalemate for a government to continue. And that this helps to pave the way for the possibility of the chaos-maker and built-in alibi for American foreign policy miscalcuations, the guy who gave the lies that unleashed the most powerful military in the world on one of the weakest countries in the world, Mr. Fake-information & "Curveball" supplying Chalabi, being fathomed as a prime minister by some after Jafaari's government (that was never meant to be) collapses.

What government? Oh right, there still is no government. No need for that! Let violence legislate!

I love the smell of sovereignty in the morning.

Some use violence to destroy. Some use religion or greed as an excuse to destroy.

I, on the other hand, will destroy you with irreverence.



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