Irakast #6, Dedicated to Pope John Paul II

I like contrasts and contradictions. My beliefs and background are constantly in flux with one another. I live contrasts and I am a contradiction of sorts. Sometimes I don't know which way I'm supposed to go. Then my gut tells me. So, I go. And here's another case where my gut leads me. Of course, the Pope is a traditionalist. He wasn't about to ordain women. I believe there's certainly the argument to do so. Although I may find it strange only because I am not used to it in the case of the church, women should be afforded all rights that men are afforded. A patriarchal society is not in the interest of humanity. A similar situation (of the ordaining of women) arose in Islam when a woman gave prayer in NY recently. Now, if you're for ordaining women in the Catholic church, surely you'd be for allowing women to give prayer in a mosque. Abbas explained how it is not the woman's role. Sure, I can understand that...yet, there is something to be said for the re-transformation of religion no matter what the "traditions" may be. I thought about it long and hard, and I decided I don't hold it against the Pope for being against certain things...and I don't hold it against Islam for wanting to maintain certain traditions. I do believe there should be room for eventual transformations though. Religion or faith, rather, doesn't become less relevant because there is somebody of a different gender initiating it. Where in the bible does it say that women cannot be ordained? And what about Kharijite women of Islam? I have loads of questions.

Yet I know the value of Pope John Paul II. Most of all, he was a courageous and moral man. I respected him for his beliefs...even if they interfered with my progressive leanings. There will be an important funeral today in Vatican City. Millions have gone to pay their respects. President Bush has gone with some of his people, no doubt to score as many political points off of the Catholic faith and this outpouring of support for this important man from people across the world. It is clearly for American consumption. FAC, remember? FAC! Anyway, I chose to ignore it up until now for a reason. But let me be frank now: It's so disgusting to me to take advantage of this moment for domestic political gain. But what's new? Terry Schiavo ring a bell or two? I would rather not dwell on this any further. It's something so obvious, but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

On to the latest podcast:

This is mostly an Arabic vocabulary lesson set to a Dvorak version of Stabat Mater. The Pergolesi version of Stabat Mater is my favorite. What's more, this recording of it is the absolute best though. Definitely buy it. You will not be disappointed. It is my favorite opera recording of all time perhaps. And it's not because it's the Stabat Mater at all. You'll understand when you hear it. The Dvorak version I include in this irakast from a Deutsche Grammaphone record (1977) I have is pretty good though. I believe the contrast of a western style of music with the Arabic lesson (from the Department of Defense) is an interesting contradiction to use as a dedication for the Pope today. I have no snide remarks for you at the moment. I just feel sadness. The good kind that motivates a person...

So, please give this podcast I dedicate to Pope John Paul the Great a listen. It's just a stripped down simple version which I only used timing to create some subtext. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll most probably be taking a hiatus for a little while. I'll post if I can.

Please take care of yourselves and those around you.


Irakast 4, Liminal Radio Presents a Dedication to Pope John Paul II

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