People of conscience making a stand, giving voice to the voiceless

I want to commend two people who had the courage to stand up for what they believe in while in the face of considerable odds and enormous difficulty. Their actions humble me beyond belief.

The first is Carl Ford, another Republican I love. If you click the picture above or the link you'll hear his testimony (in real video) at the Senate confirmation hearing of John Bolton. Of course, John Bolton is not suited to serve as an ambassador anywhere, much less ambassador to the UN. This video is an eye-opener (if you have the patience) as to why he should not be appointed. There is something to be said for this anti-ambassador being forced out of a position where he could actually shape policy by putting him in an ambassadorship. Meaning, it's a positive thing that he be put in this position because he will not be able to shape policy. I believe Zbigniew Brzenzinski mentioned this on CNN while appearing with Kissinger the other day. Maybe he will be so discredited by the time he comes out of this hearing that he'll be unable to get a job anywhere but the Heritage Foundation.

And finally, Marla Ruzicka. I'd like to pay tribute to somebody whom I think served as the conscience of the world with regard to Iraq on my more optimistic days. She helped to uncover America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths a week before she was tragically killed. She did so much for Iraq and Iraqis. She lived a dream to help those suffering from war. I'm humbled by simply knowing people who were good friends of Marla.

Without the likes of Marla and Margret Hassan, the future of Iraq is not as bright. These sort of women are one in a billion kind of people. And my heart goes out to their families during these tragic days. But my heart goes out to them most of all for paying the biggest sacrifice in order to be heard and in order to help Iraq. They will be so sorely missed.

Anybody whose conscience moves them to speak what they truly feel should be commended and honored. People like these are some of the true heroes of our time.

Peace out,


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