The Yes Men on Dow Chemical's responsibility in the Bhopal Disaster - Updated & Corrected

I flipped on BBCworld today and who was on the idiot box but one of the members of 'the yes men' who was representing Dow Chemical and something-Carbine company...the companies responsible for the Bhopal huminatarian disaster. So, Andy--or Jude Finestra, representative of Dow Chemical--talked on and on about how Dow accepts the responsibility for the killing of 20,000 plus people. Amazing! I recently met the two at IDFA (the Dutch International Documentary Film Festival) where they showed their hilarious film.

Later, I went and did some cleaning and made a few phone calls, then I came back to the tv and the same BBC News anchor was correcting the interview by saying it was part of "deception" and the person was not a representative of Dow Chemical.

Anyhow, we know what the real deception and who was in the wrong in this matter. And, of course, the point was that Dow Chemical has yet to take responsibility for the disaster. Andy was merely using a creative way to call them out on their grave error. I salute 'the yes men'.
A true Dow representative is now coming on BBC (HAHAHA....) and is claiming the report BBC carried earlier was false and had nothing to do with DOW! live blogging...this is incredible.

so go visit their site and see their movie...it's brilliant.


UPDATE & CORRECTION: I just want to clear a couple things up now that I've visited theyesmen website and got their explanation on this action. When I was blogging while it was happening, I was excited about seeing Andy on the TV box after meeting him in person at IDFA. Now that I have learned more about the Bophal disaster directly because of this incredible event, I realize my tone should have been a bit more conciliatory and somber. So, I apologize for that specifically. Bophal is a continuing nightmare because of this chemical plant. And Dow should take responsibility and repent for the mess they have made over the past 20 years. Dow Chemical needs to update and correct their denial policy in Bophal. Drawing attention to the matter is the first step in this direction.


-Not Finestra: The name of Andy's Dow Chemical character is the following, not Finestra. "Mr. Jude (patron saint of the impossible) Finisterra (earth's end)..."
-The explanation: they explain this action in vivid detail. and they have video of the broadcast in mov, rm, and wmv. A must see really...


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