Al-Hurub Min al'Hurriyyah by Husayn Ash-Shahristani

A great take on Husayn Ash-Shahristani's new book Al-Hurub Min al'Hurriyyah, or Escape from Freedom by our dear Professor. I don't even want to begin to get into the psychological framework of the following quote.

For history, I say this: Neither the USSR nor the Eastern camp had any role in the development of Iraqi nuclear energy program for non-peaceful uses, but the European countries, US, and Canada are the ones that played the major role in transforming Iraqi nuclear energy from peaceful purposes to strategic military purposes. And when we say countries, we refer to those companies within those countries, around 700 American, Canadian, and Western European companies...

Angry Arab's take on Husayn Ash-Shahristani's Al-Hurub Min al'Hurriyyah


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