Wasn't it Machiavelli who said if you were going to invade and occupy another people that it would be necessary to completely destroy certain areas in order to rebuild things from scratch so that they lack any resemblence of the past? I will try and look this up and supply a source. But this quote reminds me of him and the passage I remember him writing that has to do with the infrastructural aspect of invasion and occuption.

I don't think this article is that great. There's still an insanely programmed black-out as far as Fallujah goes. One article in the times doesn't make up for the deliberate attempt to squash the Iraqi voice in Fallujah and beyond.

The New York Times > International > Middle East > Reconstruction: In Falluja's Ruins, Big Plans and a Risk of Chaos: "The city's power lines are so badly damaged that in most of the city, they will have to be ripped out and rebuilt from scratch - a project that will take six months to a year, American engineers say. "


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