"Issues" or perhaps Mistakes? ....or perhaps War Crimes?

Tony "Bahloney" Blair says at his meeting with the dictator Perv. Musharaff,

'In respect of Iraq, we agreed that whatever the issues of the past, the important thing now is to see the strategy through and ensure that Iraq is capable of becoming a stable and democratic state.

Terror causes 'must be tackled'

There's the unresolved and close to 40 year occupation of The West Bank and Gaza, hm... let me think what else is there?

Oh yea, I forgot...these pictures don't help, do they? Oh but that's none of Tony's fault, of course. This is for Ken who seems to have a common form of amnesia and somebody else who's really getting on my nerves these days. And since the former needs to be reminded what torture and abuse is, I thought this may be a veritable instructional manual for him. This is also for Donald Rumsfeld, the symbol of the symptom of the problem that continues to get worse. He also needs the reminder of what he would probably call, along with Condi, "a historical document having no relevancy in acheiving a balanced and stable Iraq." Well, I'm sorry. What was done was done. And there has still been nobody besides a few peaches held accountable for these atrocious acts...these war crimes.

I call for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. As part of his constituency I demand that he resign his second term and that they put somebody equally as guilty of war crimes in his place. Somebody like Condaleeza Rice should be the head of the Defense Department, you know? Come on, Mr. Vice President...shuffle things around a bit. At least put John Ashcroft there...I mean seriously. It would be a moribund muselix of fun. And the man is a latter-day John Lennon for God's sake. He writes, composes, and sings. Incredible. He could really catch all those Cat Stevens' in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. So think it over.

Sorry to any Americans reading this that find this offensive to your sensibilities. But this is what our government has done in Iraq. I just kindly ask you to ask our rulers (I mean leaders), what commanders are really responsible for these heinous acts?

And if this is the first time you've seen these photos, welcome back to reality.



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