Is being in the airport of a country mean you've visited the country?

I've always wondered this. When I was younger I would count how many countries I had been to on the rubric that yes, if you visit an airport in a country, then you have visited it. Although technically true, I find this way of thinking to be a bit suspect as I've matured.

Similarly, Mr. Rummy has visited Baghdad International Airport. I wonder if he thought about this while there. So, did he really visit Iraq? Well, hm...technically, yes.

And what did he find there?

Soldiers are not happy.

Disgruntled Troops Complain to Rumsfeld

Whoops, I was wrong. He visited Kuwait. The BBC was just saying his speech was from Baghdad. So, he didn't go to Iraq to support the troops at the airport like Bush did the Thanksgiving before this past one. I wonder who will go for Christmas. Somebody of the administration will have to be sent. I bet it's Colin Powell. NE'Oh'KkkH'AN creeps like Anaconda and Wolfy like,

Yeah Colin...go ahead. Iraq's a great place this time of the year. (As he's strapped into a straight-jacket with a powerful hypnotic red beam fixed on his forehead.) Now, go... (as he steps out of the chair off of Air Force One in Amman) We've arranged a fabulous tour for you to see all the marvels of Iraqi acheivement so you can brag about them when you return. We'll take care of your family for you. I mean, we'll keep your seat warm here. Have a nice visit. ...Oh, yea, you'll have to get into the boot of that car to get to Baghdad where your linens are being warmed in the Green Zone.


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