Next to decline, Donald Rumsfeld

How does this work? Well, Kerik declines because he made only 6.2 million dollars off of stun guns. Or as the BBC reports,

He has earnt $6.2m from stock options he received from Tasar, which had done highly profitable business with the department Mr Kerik was now to head, according to FBI sources quoted by the Associated Press news agency.

That's all?! Can a guy get a break? I mean Rumsfeld only saw the age of Abu Ghraib come to color photographs thanks to digital imagery. And Cheney, well he's made hundreds of millions and he has job security for four more. Only a measly 6 mill? and a cheap immigrant housekeeper? And after going to Baghdad and doing such an obviously marvelous job training Iraqis...

Well here's how the stun guns work. We may never figure out how the system of nominating and declining works in this administration.

BBC NEWS | Americas | New US security chief pulls out


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