Like a predictable movie

You knew it was coming. And so here is Shaalann positioning himself to be America's next delusional leader at the helm in Baghdad. He's the next Chalabi to be used as an excuse (and an alabi) to invade Iran and/or Syria. Saying all the things the Bush administration wants to hear...that's when you know something stinks. If they're really bent on war, this (and the next) administration will need a coalition-of-chalabis to make more war in the region.

Iraq's defense minister on Wednesday accused neighboring Iran and Syria of supporting terrorists in his country and charged that a senior Iraqi Shiite was leading a ``pro-Iranian'' coalition into next month's national elections.

How controversial! OOoooo!

And Scott Ritter, picking up on the Zarqawi stink, too.

Shaalan positioning himself to be used as an excuse and alibi-->simulataneously

Update...next day: Bush chimes in on Iran and Syria, today. Only a day after Shalaan makes the above statement. Golly gee.. I am so surprised! Good synchronizing dudes! Up-keep of the delusion is always necessary.

I wonder when this will catch up with them.

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