Iraqification of your occupation

Rumsfeld Says Iraqis Must Stop Insurgents...

So, why don't "liberation" forces leave Iraq in a retracted fashion so that Iraqis that were inside of Iraq during the past couple decades can handle the problem? The exiles won't cut it. And American forces inside Iraq are becoming more and more of an obstacle. And if elections seem illegitimate in January, we are all in a lot of trouble. Hey! dim-sum for brains Rum, why don't you help destroy the insurgency by resigning? You know it would help. So, why not be what you have not been designed to be...selfless for your country... Exactly like those American soldiers you have sent or kept in Iraq to die. You're so damn patriotic, why don't you actually do something positive for America and Iraq by leaving your post? You know it would help both American soldiers and Marines...not to mention millions of Iraqis that you claim to be helping.

Iraqis will liberate themselves from the "liberation" eventually. How bloody your inwardly looking administration's interests require it to be is the real question...

And there are actually some smart people working on the problem...but they continually bat-heads with people like Rumsfeld.

I think the world has tolerated Rummy for too long. He's had time to backpedal from his sickly entertaining and horrific arrogance, but has failed to do so. So, time's up buddy. Give back to America by leaving D.C. By staying in your current position for the next four years you will only be adding flames to the already stoked fire of fundamentalism (both Christian and Islamic) that has been allowed to have a rennaisance of sorts during the 21st century. Funny how far backward we trod along in America, while claiming to be the most civilized people on earth.

Ah but what of this sanguine verisimilitude of the american masses...

It's really quite extraordinary that you're still in office rum-sum. but it's really quite extraordinary most of the things this administration has been catastrophically successful in screwing up has been because of bullshit lies and deceit that continues to be


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