Show me the money. But don't go destroying Baghdad and killing more innocent civilians doing it.

In plain speak and directly: Iraqis are very skeptical about this guy's existence. But American officials continue to say that he's "the most dangerous man in Iraq" and continue to blow the flames of extremism in this twisted way by offering indications that he exists (for American consumption) and then destroying everything in the path their "intelligence" mapped out for them. So, because of FAC and because of so little being reported from independent sources...the creation of reality becomes the frontline on the battlefield.

And fooling the world continues to be the main objective. I see a pattern quite crisply at the moment. And the net result has been more innocent people being killed. And simply, I don't like that. I'll continue to bitch until people listen more.

CNN.com - U.S. General: Al-Zarqawi likely in Baghdad - Dec 16, 2004


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