Church Bombings in Mosul / 1,000 American Combat Death

What a shame...

Who is to blame? What is to blame? The Chaldean one is the church my grandmother went to. It was old then. You see, my grandmother was very Chaldean Catholic, but my grandfather insisted on all the kids being baptized in an Assyrian Orthodox church. Long story how that worked out. But she was a strong woman.

Anyway, this is another black day in Iraq.

I could not fathom what would change the circumstance now. No fake election will change this violence. If Sunnis are not somehow taken into the process, there will be no end in sight. Or Iraq would become a low-grade warfare-state...That's not a great option because it has been this for too long. So, was it essentially American policy to make Iraq into a low-grade warfare state? Or is this the "liberation" Iraqis deserve after so much suffering? Do Iraqis deserve to suffer more because they were tortured and oppressed by Saddam? The same Saddam that America was helping out so much in the 80s. And now, as we have seen through Abu Ghraib, Americans do the torturing and the humiliating. And the terror in the lives of many are directly related to American policy decisions and incompetence on the ground. Most people I know try to avoid American soldiers at all costs these days. I remember the day one gave his phone to my cousin to call us to make sure that we knew everybody was ok. I was very happy that day. There was positive interaction and a service given to my cousin when there were no phone lines. Now, many phone lines are cut. Communication has been lost. Mobile networks put in by the U.S. choice have broken down. Iraq becomes more of a black hole. I wonder if those first "illegal" mobile networks put up very early would work now.

Anyway, I'm just rambling. Bye,

Iraq Churches Bombed; 1,000th American Killed


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