Files show more US abuse in Iraq

It's been a while since I was able to blog. Anyway, I'll catch up on my email tomorrow. It's late, so I'll rest. Sorry to those of you to whom I said I'd reply to recently. It's been a bit too interesting lately. I'll be in touch soon.

Meanwhile, here's more evidence of the abuse that happened in Iraq.

Evidence of more prisoner abuse in Iraq has come to light after the US military was forced to release it by the courts. The documents show that US marines carried out a mock execution, used electric shocks and burned prisoners.


In one of the incidents, a witness described a marine "shock an Iraqi detainee with an electric transformer".

Two US servicemen were jailed over the incident, the files reveal.

Three marines were convicted after they "ordered four juvenile Iraqi looters to kneel beside two shallow fighting holes and a pistol was discharged to conduct a mock execution".


BBC NEWS | Americas | Files show more US abuse in Iraq


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