Where did the Dearlove go?


Two sentences written by the ever so romantic-sounding head of the [British intelligence agency] MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove in July 2002 when he returned from Washington are telling. They are telling me lies were told. It is most famously known (in Britain alone) as the leaked Downing Street Memo (full version). You know, the one the American press has been ignoring since May 1st.
Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.
Lies. Lies. Lies have been told. Now everything is a mess. And nobody is facing the truth. This is not only dangerous for Iraq. It is dangerous for America and the world if this continues.

Of course, the immediate attack on those who were against the war by those on the right is, "You would rather Saddam still be in power, wouldn't you?"

That's not the point. And NO, I wouldn't rather him to still be in power. But again, this is NOT the point.

The point is this Administration LIED to the American people and the world. And they FIXED the INTELLIGENCE. That is worthy enough of a crime for impeachment.

Perjury, or lying under oath, is a crime that puts people behind bars for years sometimes. Now, who bets nobody accepts responsibility for these lies and nobody serves any time in jail for them?

Those people who lied are apparently the most free Americans out there. Because they are above the law and free to do whatever they please.


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