Turning the heat up; more memos from Downing Street flood the internet.

AP's Thomas Wagner: Memos Show British Fretting Over Iraq War & the almost identical AP story via Newsday (for shits and giggles): Memos show U.S. push for war

Why the different headlines? We may deduce these memos are finally making their presence felt in the US.

And they beg so many old and new questions, while helping connect dots that were unconnected before their release.

What do Powell/Bolton/PlameBeingOuted-WilsonBeingPunished-for BlowingWhistleOnForgedNigerDocs/DSM/ElBaradai have in common? It's worth a long hard thought and several official investigations. Check Hunter's recent diary for starters.

Bonus link: Army recruiter (and you know I love this topic) helps a kid pass his piss-test, recommends him to use a forged high school diploma, and urges him to move to a nearby town to help process his background check faster. Investigative reporting at its finest.


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