Visions of Baghdad Running Through My Head: Summer of 1990

Top...view of the river. Bottom...Me in the middle with my cousins in the pool at the Al-Rasheed Hotel. You know, the hotel that had that picture of Bush Sr. in the foyer.

Top...This was in some room that serves as a sort of military museum in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It's a picture we took of some rare Italian weapon. I have no idea what it's called, but apparently it is special. We could have gotten in a lot of trouble for taking this picture in the old Iraq. Bottom...this is a picture of the lucky lizards that make their home in my Uncle's courtyard and most residents of Baghdad. Meet Abu Braze. I scanned it upside-down to confuse you.

All pictures were taken in the summer of 1990, about a month before the invasion of Kuwait. This was just one of our visits. We left two weeks before the invasion. We had no idea that anything strange was happening when we were there. This summer was perhaps the best time of my life. I was only 12.


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