Iraqi justice minister, Abdel Hussein Shandal: US concealing Saddam's secrets

Speak of the devil...

Great to hear Iraq's justice minister being concerned about justice.

Iraq's justice minister has accused the US of concealing information about deposed president Saddam Hussein that could be damaging to "many countries".

Abdel Hussein Shandal said it seemed there were "lots of secrets" that the Americans wanted to hide.

Saddam Hussein is set to go on trial in Iraq over alleged crimes against humanity, but no date has been set.

Mr Shandal spoke to the AP news agency on the eve of a major conference. US officials did not immediately comment.

"There should be transparency and there should be frankness, but there are secrets that, if revealed, won't be in the interest of many countries," Mr Shandal said.

"Who was helping Saddam all those years?"
(emphasis added)

Real Iraqis wanting a real reconciliation leading to real justice in the future shall not let this one die. I am more sure of this than most things. And it is very much in the interest of America to reveal some of these secrets and to own up to their past grave mistakes if they want the average Iraqi's goodwill. Until then, there's only going to be suspicion and animosity at America's real intentions.

Wake up. Own up. Because there will be no let up concerning these secrets.

Lying to yourself only hurts yourself. Making soldiers and Marines currently in Iraq pay for these lies, these secrets, with blood and death is a heinous crime occuring each day.


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