BBC: Iraq rebuilding fails to deliver

Jon Leyne speaks to Iraqis inside Iraq and reports on the utter failures that prove America is losing the war. So, Rumsfeld is wrong. Rumsfeld is in denial. Winning the war is winning the peace. And there are now so many Iraqis that are so hostile to the US if only by the virtue of their complete incompetence in trying to even make essential services reach pre-war levels in this Fatoush Republic.

Speaking to Iraqis is a rare event for most reporters these days. But if people could hear them now, they'd hear that there is no water or contaminated water where there is water.

The water situation is very real and very critical in the major population centers at the moment. How can you win hearts and minds if you cannot even make sure people have safe water to drink in the midst of a hellish Iraqi summer?
'We've been affected badly,' complained one man in the area. 'We don't have any water to drink. What are we supposed to do? Sometimes they cut the power as well. It's all the fault of the Americans.'


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