Visions of Babylon Running Through My Head: Summer of 1990

My Dad in Babylon. One of my favorite pictures ever.

The Lion of Babylon. My cousin, sister, cousin, then guy cousin on the very right. I really enjoy the composition of this photograph. Don't you?

Top & Bottom...Me making funny faces in the cafe right next to the museum. Hot in Babylon. I mean reaaaaal hot. I remember my father drank so much cold beer that day with my Uncles. And he didn't get the slightest bit drunk. I was very impressed. I had some too. Can you tell? Also, my sister is the really tan blur to the right of me. My cousin is the blur to her right. And that's the back of my Mom's head. Hehe. I look like such the four-eyed prep-head. Kind of embarrassing, but what the hell.


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