American Politics & A call to action: subvert the muppets in power

I'm going to move on to a topic that will wash over the mind with a subtle brush of liquid doodoo: My opinion of the state of American politics. Bush, Kerry, and both of their crews are a bunch of muppets. Crypto-fascism, veiled republican idolatry, and the sole principled (, though cracking a bit lately,) democrat that could bring us 4 more years of shrub is the Nader. I hope he pulls out at the last second. (heheeeheeehe) And yes, the pendulum has swung to the right in America. But how has it done this? Through lies that don't hold water, inciting fear in the hearts of people, and sending mixed messages in order to keep the population, the masses psychologically terrorized and off-balance. And yes, I'm mildly disturbed that Nader could accept GOP help in Michigan to get on the ballot. Isn't that throwing away all he stands for with the stroke of an tiny ill-decision? Call me crazy, but this is getting out of hand. So I'm defnitely a ABB (Anybody But Bush) nonetheless. So realistically, I want said muppet Kerry to be put in Beit Ub'yaad. But I honestly doubt his ability to pull off a victory against a man who has the pulpit and is pulling all stops to win political points with every issue, with every word that is pushed out of his mouth.

Wasn't it just last week when the final 9/11 report came out with several recommendations that Bush said that he had to 'look into' the possibility for an intelligence czar? And now, he supposedly approved one...but it is clearly a watered down version of what the Republican Chair of the committee, Thomas Keane suggests...namely a cabinet-level official that would hold the president accountable for failures in regard to the "war on terror". Of course, Bush Inc. have handily avoided any accountability thus far...so, whose to say that they will be held accountable for a single thing. What must we do? Actively Resist. Are you going to tell your grandchildren you were a Bush supporter, a complacent fence-sitter, or an active resister?

1. get the vote out...make sure everybody you know votes.
2. stop talking in circles and complaining about everything...
3. act: do something fun, creative, interesting, different to subvert the muppets and the foul policies they implement!

So this is a call to action. Let's spark the pendulum to swing from the dark and dreary depths of a fear-mongered neocon-nightmare of preventively doctrinating the earth for corporate gain. I know I wax-idealistic here, but you'd be surprised how liberating it is to practice democracy...even if it feels like you are being singled out for speaking out. In a real democracy, you should use the right to speak out and not just fall behind and be quiet. That would be the worst thing possible for America. So, act!!! It's so much fun.

Billboards, Graf Art, Stencils, Video Art, Performance Art, Write to the Editor, a Conversation with your Bush-loving brother-in-law...take the street and your mental landscape by storm creatively...not destructively. Right now I fear the mainstream might transform the complacency that racked public sentiment (until it started sinking in that Iraq has no WMD and there is absolutely no connection between 9/11 and Iraq) into a rallying point for a sicker Kerry-complacency that might await us. He's practically a copy of Bush on many issues. Many people believe that Kerry can bring hope to America again...but I believe that we need to put him in the White House and like Naomi Klein said in her most recent article, "then [we] get back to work". And I'll be damned if hope is not alive without him. I don't need a muppet to con me into thinking he's the saviour of this country. I'm not that stupid. He's just not Bush...and sadly, that's good enough for me. I'm trying to be optimistic. Can you tell?

lOvE oVeR fEaR,