"We did not seek this war."

Now this takes the freakin' cake. "We did not seek this war?"

The republicans have been saying this during the RNC. What kind of acrid bs is this?
I could go on a long list of complaining and describing in great detail about how exactly this war was actively sought by many people for many years. You know, like pointing out the most obvious of things.

A little background on the matter and the usual details from Juan Cole are here.

If they did not seek this war (neocons and other cold, calculating, and scandal-ridden & spy-strutting "assets" of the U.S. partaking in aftermath), then the Iraqi people apparently sought to trick the Americans into completely destroying their wills, the infrastructure and any semblance of security, making Iraq unstable for the forseeable future. My thoughts are twisted at the moment. I believe more and more the U.S. wishes this chaos to continue and Iraq to move to a more theocratic than democratic law. How I come to this conclusion is a bit complex, but I am furious about Najaf...basically a repeat of Fallujah that hardly any people in the U.S. even heard about.

To Iraqis in Iraq: People don't read the news here...for the most part. Also, Iraq has almost disappeared from the front page of newspapers. This is alarming. This is a problem. And this is an election year, so there's no wonder why this is happening. Meanwhile, more and more spy cases are being broken...this time Israel spying on the U.S. Hm...deliberate delusion, ding ding ding!!!

I did not seek this war. You did.

So get the hell out of Iraq now. And stop stealing from Iraq, planting corrupt seeds, and poorly programming its economy.

Allawi is going down. He is just another Saddam. Another CIA asset. Another way for America to have their way with Iraq and its people. What has he done for Iraq besides be propped up as one of the mayors of Baghdad? And like Abbas said, if East Timor can have elections. So should Iraq.

Vive l'elections!