A belligerent Mad. Albright at the DNC

Poor Amy Goodman...but she's asking the right questions. It's normal to be marginal when you seek justice these days...even in times where everybody is outraged at the current administration. But I won't forget the sanction years.

Look how former Sec. of State Mad. Albright reacts in this video just after Kerry's speech at the DNC when confronted about one of her many "stupid statements" about Iraqi children (specifically the 60 mins Stahl interview) or listen or read it.

Heads up, River is back. Check her out. My fears of communications monitoring have been somewhat confirmed by her. So, things are remarkably well in liberation. Just great...

I'm still not sure exactly what has happened with the bombings. I'll comment when I know more. Anxiously awaiting some word, too...

Otherwise, it's a lazy sunday afternoon in my air-conditioned nightmare.

psST: Josh Marshall of the great site talkingpointsmemo.com clears up the niger docs. forgery matter. sounds like 'Good Fellas' meets sketched out former spy that was egged on by the berlusconian plutocracy in a mamet-esque set and knock-out. mayyybe??? berrrr'haps? well, whatever...i'm sure we'll find out much worse things as history unfolds. Don't mess with Joe Wilson you fools.