Trust in Zeyad

Zeyad clears things up about the gaps of information and odd timing of Grand Ayatollah Ali Taqi Al-Sistani seeking medical treatment in London. He did, in fact, leave al'Najaf to seek medical treatment. Trust in Zeyad. I do. Although, I fear because Sistani is not in Najaf it allows for more terrible things to happen now. It's strange to me that this wasn't cleared up as it was happening, though. According to Zeyad, there is no controversy over who is to succeed him, either. He says:

... I wish to comfort the sensational media that there will be no power struggles in the Hawza after Sistani's death. There will always be a peaceful consensus on who would be the supreme marji' in Najaf, as it has always been that way for centuries.

It's always good to hear from Zeyad. Thank you for this very important post. And I apologize for jumping to conclusions. I hope there'll be more information forthcoming about the situation.