A complete Nightmare indeed, updated

RRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! that's all everybody needs to know. i'm confused...i dont have details yet. so, i can't respond to the situation yet. i'm so angry , more later...i need 411...................

So, the question is 'are the terrorists trying to drive Christians out of Iraq?' Well, people that have read my earlier comments know what I have to say about this matter. But let me reiterate and do a run of the gamet review of what the reactions of others have been. First, I am convinced that this will only strengthen the resolve of Iraqis to stick by one another. In other words, Fayrouz' Christian cleansing plan will become even further from a possibility. I will have more proof of this once I speak to people on the ground, but this is my immediate feeling. Backing my feeling up already is blog miestro Abu Khaleel in Iraqi letter to America. As expected though, Fayrou has, in effect,again called for an end of the Christian minority in Iraq for some perplexing reason that I still cannot comprehend. It would be a most strange and unlikely event, I repeat.

UPDATE: And Professor Cole, THANK YOU for this:

Even the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt condemned the bombing of churches. It seems possible that the perpetrators of the church bombings may have created enormous sympathy for the Iraqi Christians, and that their tactic may have backfired on them.

It's exactly my thoughts. Major backfire...

The reactions from the blogosphere are very important to me as I've not heard what's happened yet. I hope to know more by tonight/tomorrow Baghdad time. I'm just getting too angry now about a few things that I've been thinking about lately. These overt terrorists must be stopped...no matter who they are.

And what about the mental terrorists? [even tho the folllwoing are not only mental terrists]

They need to take a serious hike on a downward spiral to hades.

I honestly wonder what people think of Chalabi now that he's been helped to be reinvented by Al Sadr himself. When will criminals that are just trying to take advantage of Iraqi sentiments, hopes, and fears for personal gain just be called criminals without hesitation. Just like in America now...when will criminals who have only manipulated American sentiments, hopes, and fears in order to push a dangerous agenda on a slippery slope just be called criminals. What is so wrong with pointing these things out? Bush lied. Chalabi lied to Bush. Wolfowitz has an Arabic girlfriend named Shaha and was willingly deluded into buying INC bullshit along with Pearle and Feith. Rumsfeld dodges deftly and Cheney still *actively* deludes himself and Americans into believing that there's still a connection between 9/11 and Iraq when there plainly isn't.

ARGH! I'm furious. Why is the truth so dangerous when it comes to Iraq? And why must people be hidden from it?

Why can't we accept that this sketchy adventure is a failure on so many levels so we may *actively* correct things that aren't too far out of reach yet?

Also, I've been having a disagreement with a professor of mine over some very fundamental things about what is happening...so I'm a bit discouraged by what I see as a very educated and jaded person. It's ok to think differently..and as long as we keep this attittude alive, we will be better for it. To only allow opinions that align with your own into your menatl stratosphere is a very narrow way to exist...so, I try to read all our Iraqi friends' blogs, even though they think I don't. And I appreciate each and every opinion, although I'm skeptical of some. It's a free country, though...I can be as skeptical as I wanna be.

Ok...I'll post more on reactions later on and tidy it up a bit. Note: it's approaching evening, but the picture above has been a hit so i'll file this post at an earlier time in order to leave the picture on top.

Peace be on all Iraqis.

And thank you to all the Muslim bloggers who have given their condolences to the Christian community in Iraq. It means very much to my family and I in this difficult time. I wouldn't want such a day to revist any Iraqi. Long live Iraq.

More steam from me later,