The constitution is a pile of BS

But thank you's should go out to American & UK bombs and soldiers for helping bring Iraqis closer to the mindlessness of an Islamic republic.

We couldn't have dreamed of getting closer to such a unenviable destiny as quickly as you have allowed us to wisp away (AND BE BLOWN to bits) into the nightmare of it all.

So, again, thank you for your dedication in helping incinerate parts of our collective memory and history like the Baghdad Library. Oh, but there were WMD in those ancient books you thought! You asked, "where would I hide myself if I were the WMD?" And of course, your answer was, "the oldest library on earth! That's the last place anybody would look, so lets just destroy it!" So, yes, thank you thank you...Without such acts of complete stupidity, we could not articulate our disgust with such force.

You want the oil under our sand.
You don't want Iraqis to be free.
You think you can take our land.
But what you don't know is more than what you don't see.

If I could find some fresh dung to fertilize my orchard I would use it. In lieu of such an effective form of vitamin enrichment of my soil, I shall use my Iraqi constitution.

First I will defecate on my copy to speed up the fertilizing process. Because we all know the process of Iraqi "democracy" takes a long, long, long time and involves lots and lots of Iraqis being killed by American assaults and a bunch of retards with suicide bombs.