Fixate on this you creeps

First off, it's not that I'm particularly fixated upon letters and whatever other bullshit comes out of these invisible (and perhaps non-existant) pricks. But I must say that this is especially interesting. I've always thought that America or whomever else would have an almost impossible time fabricating things Iraqi. And here's an example having nothing to do with real Iraqis (Zawahiri is egyptian and zarqawi is jordanian), which illustrates the real possibility of this simply being an American black-ops project. Professor Cole calls it out, and I second the motion. In fact, this is more obvious than figuring out where shit blows when directed into a fan. Follow the smell morons. And stop shitting in the fan. OF COURSE IT'S UNCLE SAM PSY-OPs or Iran Dr. Cole! And yes, it could also perhaps be a Shia group trying to manipulate America! OOOOOOO ooooo, that's such the surprising possibility! But I'm afraid as long as the corporate media (that banks on the "war on terror") picks this fan-shitting up, it doesn't matter what is fact or fiction.

Take your freakin pick. It doesn't matter to Iraqis suffering on a daily basis. If America thinks it is the ultimate manipulator, and continues to think it can play God in Iraq...wait, just wait until it steps into this new reality. In fact, the west and America is in sincere danger of tanking morally and economically (in fact it's been over for some time if you listened to Wallerstein) while completely illegitimizing itself in the Arab world. No, nevermind that sort of talk. It's already done. If it weren't for Hollywood, there would perhaps not be the generally widespread notion of American perception in the East. And you know how much I adore the box office.

My gut tells me that the letter is a forgery. Most likely it is a black psy-ops operation of the US. But it could also come from Iran, since the mistakes are those a Shiite might make when pretending to be a Sunni. Or it could come from an Iraqi Shiite group attempting to manipulate the United States. Hmmm.