The Nineveh vote was rigged.

I'd like somebody to prove to me otherwise.

IIP is not popular in Mosul. It has a mere fraction of support from people. So, please...

American law outside of America and inside of Iraq (i.e., occupation law) is shoot to kill, torture aimlessly, and guilty until proven innocent if you're brown and beautiful. So I'm not surprised we are staring in the face of implausible results in Nineveh which will only increase the levels of violence...as the neocon lunatics would prefer! They don't want Iraq to get better, even now. Yes, I argue yet again they don't mind if things get worse. And now you have the exact result that will allow for the situation to deteriorate. I'm not going to sit here and pretend even in the slightest bit anymore because, for instance, I'm worried about affecting the mind-state of those of my family and friends inside Iraq. How much more depressing can things possibly get? Sure, it's important to be hopeful and compassionate about matters, but we need to prepare ourselves. Put the support systems in place. Things are going to get much much worse now before it gets any better. I hope I'm wrong, though.

Bringing democracy to Iraq via an occupation and a corrupt puppet oligarchy switching ballot boxes!

Just one question: If the vote is indeed rigged...what did the fools who rigged it think they could gain from doing so? Lets think about that for a minute and discuss later.