Rove, the constitutional referendum, Kanaan & Lebnaan, and natural disasters

Hey, how's it going? I've been in patchy internetting this past month because of my drive frying and lack of an internet connection for a few weeks. Now everything seems to be working, but I have about 6 hours of studying a day...outside of class. The mild suffering pays dividends, though. I only managed to blog when at a friend's place. I noticed I'm not as addicted to it as before, but as you know the itch comes in waves.

I fixed my television...perhaps I should have left it broken. For some time I had no TV and no internet. What a peaceful and unrealistic existence. The news, as usual, makes me more and more angry and depressed. The whole hulaballoo surrounding the constitution is sickening. Those in my family outside Iraq and I were not allowed to voice our opinion concerning it. We were not allowed to vote because the 4-5 million Iraqis living outside of Iraq would have decidedly voted against the constitution. They know this, so they deliberately prevented Iraqis outside from voting.

Moving on to more slimy creatures...

Karl Rove is being grinded for the 4th time in court. It was a 4 hour session. This indicates something's afoot. Libby hasn't been called back, so...perhaps he's in better shape than Herr Karl. It will be interesting to see if the law works in America when the dust settles on this very serious matter. Iiiiiiiit's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in jail for Mr. Rove. (UPDATE: Libby is hardly out of hot water. )

Lebanon gears up for the release of the Hariri report as the criminal, Ghazi Kanaan, (supposedly) ends his life. The political drama continues... And I cannot wait to read the report. I'll be sure to have links to it as soon as it goes up. Be sure to check out our new look at Lebanese Blogger Forum!

Hurricaines & earthquakes...God must be angry. Here's conspiracy theory for you religious wing nuts. The Almighty strikes Kashmir because Bin Laden is hiding there. And Lord hits America because...well, lets just say it was a decision based on an aggregate of sins.

Do you ever wonder what God's axis of evil would be?

For some odd reason, I think it would be different than Shrub's.