Truth about Iraqis: Merci beaucoup!

I love it when a fellow Iraqi blogger takes the words out of my mouth and confronts other Iraqi bloggers. Doing one is quite satisfying...doing both is poetry. And Truth About Iraqis manages to do the former many times over. Go check it.
I wonder how long it will take for the Iraqi bloggers who continue to praise the US presence in Iraq to realise that their homes have been stolen from them; that the lives they built for generations amount to naught; that the country which nurtured them is a battlefield created and sustained by a merciless campaign of deceit and false bravado?

Not one American media outlet has reported this. Why? Because it says either 1) the US has been working in collusion with the Iranians or 2) the US has created a catastrophe in the Middle East which will be felt for the next 100 years.

You can blog about music. You can blog about how life was in 1956. You can blog about how sorry you are for the bombings in London, the attacks on Zanzibar. You can blog about being a mistress in Iraq or about how your husband works in the Green Zone.

At the end, that's all you will have, a blog.

Iraqis wake up.