Let's reconstruct the reconstruction

Because it looks like by October we'll be back to square one. Oh, but we've come so far...

Really? We've made negative progress. Sure, change is painful. In Iraq, though, it's been more than painful. At times, so many things--terrible things--have been happening that I could not begin to fathom the amount and sick quality of death and destruction being visited upon by so many innocent Iraqis. Ordinary Iraqis caught up in a gail storm of gluttonous violence.

So, what next?

Let's reconstruct the reconstruction. Abort the process. Oh, but we can't, you say? Why not? Scrap the whole damn thing, I say. We need more voices heard. Reasonable voices across the spectrum of Iraqi society speaking about realistic and substantive changes being made to the current process which will usher in a gloriously spick-and-span version of the constitution whereby all needs of all parties are satisfied somehow, miraculously. The immaculate conception of Iraqi democracy.

That's what should be next.

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