Deputy Chief of US mission in Baghdad, Satterfield, implicated in Israeli lobby scandal

I was perusing the Times after being away for some time and what did I stumble upon, but this.

Satterfield is not famous for being completely pro-Israeli, but he does have long and close ties with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy...an AIPAC-backed Israeli think tank pushing Israeli policies in Washington.

If he is leaking classified information from the US government to Israel, he could potentially be leaking to Israel from Baghdad. And this will not make Iraqis happy at all.

Lion in a sheep's clothing?

You decide.

And on the other side of the sinister spy game divide is Iran and its obvious victory in Iraq handed to it by Bush Co. The thick of it is explained in detail in this article in Time.

Is Iraq becoming another Lebanon? Another arena for other peoples' wars?

The real question is...
Hasn't it already become this?


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