Bush will not meet with a mother of a fallen soldier

He will not look failure in its eyes. He will not try to reason the unreasonable to the heart of all reason--the love of a mother. He will not bring comfort to greiving mother Cindy Sheehan, who asks questions almost every mother of a fallen soldier has asked. Why? Why did my son die? What did he die for? There were no WMD, so what did he die for?

And why won't he meet with her? Because he's on vacation...for five weeks. Do you know the average American gets 7 days of vacation? Oh, but the preznit deserves this vacation because of all the successes he's commandeered this last year. With Iraq going so well, he might as well take the whole year off.

I stand by you Ms. Sheehan and all participators in the 1,600 vigils being held across America. I ask the same questions you ask. And I will continue to ask them, no matter how futile the effort may seem.

America and the world owes you a great debt for starting a conversation about the war that I thought would be difficult, if not impossible, to re-ignite so quickly.

You have single-handedly accomplished what troves of protestors could not. And so, I commend you deeply.


Cindy Sheehan's mother has had a stroke, so she has left Crawford. There are still hundreds of mothers there and more vigils are planned to happen simultaneously across the country on Saturday.

For more on the happenings in Texas where Ms. Sheehan has been having her vigil, please go here and here. Here are some messages for Cindy at EI.

My thoughts are with you and your mother in this difficult time.


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