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Hi there!

I'm desperately busy these days. My studies have become exponentially more difficult. Also, I've gained a number of new responsibilities and I haven't been able to deliver the goods on time. I've had some more problems with my internet connection, but now everything seems to be running soundly. I need to clean up my computer from a number of files not belonging here, too. It continues to be a bumpy ride online due to a packed hard drive. The net result of all these things has been falling more and more behind on everything going on. I'm going to try to catch up in the next couple of days because the weather is pretty nasty out.

One of my priorities is to address Khalid's imprisonment and what we'll work on accomplishing as a result of one of our very own spending time in the terrible conditions of Iraqi prisons. Of course, I am extremely unhappy Khalid and the Jarrars had to go through such a scary time. But I suggest this moment be seized as a blessing in disguise. We might be able to help many others who have been wrongly accused. We need to brainstorm about this in the coming days and weeks. And we need to continue writing those emails, letters, and making those phone calls.

More soon...

Meanwhile, check out Siggraph's cyber fashion show.

Increase the peace,


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