Juan Cole Blocked by the Thought Police

Thanks to Billmon...Pat Lang is a former Middle East expert at the Defense Intelligence Agency. [original source]

Well, folks, I received this from an active duty officer with experience in the field. Just how stupid can we become? Eliot Cohen has an OP/ED in the W Post today in which he “examines his conscience” on the whole subject of the “thinking” that has governed the war. The occasion for this is the imminent deployment of his infantry officer son to the war that he helped create AND screw up. He has learned something. It is clear that others have not.

Pat Lang

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FYI- Juan Cole's site is being blocked at Ft ---------- and other installations by the thought police. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

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To: Patrick Lang
Subject: Anyone like Juan Cole in the FBI?

I think it's important to make note of it. Certain people are averse to having soldiers know what's really going. Me oh my, war never changes.


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