new tweaks and observations

First off, Abu Khaleel is the shizzle for his latest post on his Iraqi Letter to America. Check him out on his multiple blogs of insight and candor.

Second, check out the comment of the moment from me on top and then the quote of the moment with secret link. I figured a little spice aint hurt nobody. I would say comment of the day and quote of the day, but who am I kidding...I'm not changing it everyday. I just hate the fact that "News Links" is most prominent on the sidebar, ya know? They should be on the bottom, really. I'm so sick of the news. I learn more from my family than the friggin news.

Also, we're at 60 blogs with Najma's sister coming into the fray. So sweet...keep up the good work all you shiny happy iraqis. You rock.

And last but not least, lets congratulate Emigre's remarkable work with Iraq blog count. One thing I'd like to specifically point out though, Abbas has a new post everyday practically...but the NEW POST thing doesn't work for him. How come? I know it has been less than accurate in the past, but it was usually working for him. It's only something I noticed. And the man needs the attention and lovin' from the blogosphere. And lets welcome Fayrouz as a fellow contributer with Iraq Blog Count, too!

Cool folks...
take it sleazy,


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