another quick thing: i saw "outfoxed"

i saw the film "outfoxed" today. it's so well done and extremely poigniant in describing the fascist television station, fox news, that takes a couple pages and improves on certain aspects of media in stalinist russia. it's pandering to the far-right and adjunct status to the republican party is captured remarkably. oreilly's mistreatment of guests, including the son of a port authority worker that died at the world trade center, is one of the most disturbing parts of it. professor lawrence lessig (stanford) does an excellent job of breaking this down on his blog. what a twisted and psychotic man, bill O. so, i recommend the film for another eye opener. also, uncovered: the truth about the iraq war" should be released in selected theatres along with "outfoxed"...both directed by robert greenwald. "control room" resonates most with me from the politic docs i've seen lately.

i want to see more and more experimental political docs. what is an experimental political documentary? is it just applying experimental editing techniques alone? no...that's too simple. for me it's also the fusion contrast and fissive qualities of different subject matters when confronted with one another so that they create fluid jagged or just relevent or absurd subtexts to be interpreted by the viewer--almost like djing realities instead of music. (writing this reminds me of that wolfgang iser theory stuff i read and wrote about so long ago, "the act of reading") yea, so..editing has to be creative and skillful, but the story and it's resulting subtexts must remain as fresh as possible as to not lose people. ya see, i have an attention-span problem. and ok, sure, there might not be much of an audience for this, but there's the possibility to explore expressive modes and powerful abstractions that are yet untouched. so that's my most recent project. i've been working to pull something like this off for some time. it's coming along well so far. i'm so addicted to this computer... you have no idea. ..love being cyborg.

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