iraqi christians should leave iraq?

this is meant as a counter-point to fayrouziZ most recent post. i completely disagree with her and i am iraqi christian. she mentioned this to me when i met her in the spring. basically, her idea amounts to the quasi-ethnic cleansing of iraqi christians from iraq, most of whom are not of arab blood. how is this going to be possible? the bottom line is that just because you're christian, doesn't mean you're going to have an easier time leaving iraq...even if you wanted to leave. you're iraqi (and especially if you only hold an iraqi passport, unlike all those corrupt bastards that spend half their time in switzerland or london) and people don't want iraqis even though we've been so kindly "liberated" with bombs and lies. don't expect those applications to go flying through just because of this sick liberation...and if you're christian and want to migrate, good luck because unless you have some connection with a church group that really helps you out...it's not going to happen. and even if it does, it might take 4-5 years or more to get papers through. i still have some cousins that are refugees having waited for over 5 years...and they're iraqi, christian, professionals with excellent degrees. why'd they leave iraq? because of saddam, the crippling sanctions and the fact there was no life, no future in iraq. is there a future now? well, sure, one filled with blood and chaos. that's fucking great. thanks a lot you vacuous subaltern beings.

also, there's the matter of choice. i know many iraqi christians who are headed back to iraq to help. and many many more that want to stay. so, i don't know where fayrouz' logic of "the only choice left...is to leave" comes from...

i would love to imagine how other iraqis would react if suddenly all iraqi christians were given, GET OUT OF IRAQ FREE CARDs. and there would be some sort of kit that came along with it that includes a rosary, some holy water, a bible, a passport, a visa (to desired country of arrival), immigration papers that have already been cleared, work permit, and a lonely planet guide for the destination. along with an ipod, some oakleys, a voucher for a hot automobile, a sexy cel phone, and a pilates mat that says, "i left iraq for the love of god"

please, no offence, but i think it is a load of garbage to be completely honest. displacement is displacement...and not all iraqi christians would be happy campers in their new environment or even slightly willing to adjust to the 3 bedroom/2 bath/2 car garage/fast food and stale culture mental fuck that a life in the west would offer them. (and i dont mean western culture is negative at all...i just mean it is a lot different for most. and i've witnessed first hand how difficult it is for somebody to adapt to such a different reality that has different support systems and social cues.) personally, i dig the fusion of eastern and western, anyway, and again no offence, good luck with the "iraqi christian exodus campaign" fay...i'm sure some of my cousins would commend you on your efforts (i mean it, because many of them want out of the current situation). but i doubt they would recognize it as plausible or even remotely realistic.

a sidenote: has anybody picked up the scent of a possible INC-chalabi-Iran-Al Qaeda connection? i have...who knows??? chalabi is supposed to be an agent for iran, isn't he? things have been pretty quiet about that as of late. i wonder what the status of this is now.


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