a blanket of FRUSTRATION: what an official close to Bremer said before leaving Iraq

"we have no more aims, no more strategic aims, no more ideology... all we want to do is keep a lid on the situation until january 2005 when there'll be elections, at which pt we get out and we say the iraqis made a mess out of it... we gave them the opportunity for democracy. they didn't want it... it's their fault.."

essentially, the american government authorities have quit already. did they ever try, though?

and while many american soldiers suffer openly, being put through so much shit...how can the americans have quit, then? well, because there was no true plan to succeed in the first place. and americans have to keep the lid on until Jan 2005, or they can't leave. that's when the shit will percolate rapidly.

so there it is...
eat some negroponte, the new ruler of iraq

and the caliphite of baghdad, allawi...is completely irrelevent only miles away from his stronghold. what is happening in so many cities outside of baghdad that are not effectively controlled by negroponte and his allawi? yes, just that... they are not controlled by the new puppet government that still represents an occupation. so there's a weak central government now, that's obvious. and that's what's desired. problem is...this will not control the iraqi population who are under more and more duress from the lack of basic services and especially security.

right now, we are witnessing the recreation of another typically arab state. a place where torture thrives, corruption is the order, and security is the major question. when liberties in the US are being sacrificed for our supposed safety, how do you really think the integrity of the liberties of iraqis are truly being kept by this new facade, this new iraqi face of an occupation?

this seems like the most foolish and dangerous adventure that any nation has undertaken. we are seeing how extremism feeds extremism. and i mean extremism inside the current american administration feeding the extremism of militant islamic fundamentalists. it will be to the detriment of the U.S. itself to continue along its current path. the dangers are increasing for those of us in the west by the minute when taking the entire set of problems in middle/near east at the moment. and there is still no attempt to invigorate a debate to change the cause of these terrible events that have taken place. until this is done, the iraq war will have been a gift to terrorists and bin laden himself...who i'm sure is wishing bush will continue on his rampage. looks like iran is next if certain people have their way.

i hope there is hope. until the day i find it, i'm going to try to focus on something positive in this truly sick world.

now, i wish people would only understand why it is so difficult.



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